Setting up the Booth:

Who sets up the Booth?

A fully trained member of our team will assemble and disassemble the Booth at the beginning and end of your function.

How long does it take to set up the Photo Booths?

They are very easy to set up and can take between 30-45 minutes

Will the Booth need to be supported by mains power?

The Booths require electricity in order to function, so there needs to be access to a mains power supply.

What are the exterior dimensions of the Photo Booths?

The standard Booth is 7ft x 4ft. The small Booth is 5ft x 3ft.

Do I have to stay with the Booth while it is being set up?

Not at all, simply tell our team on the day of the event, where you would like the Booth to be located and we will do the rest!

The features:

How quickly do the Booths produce the pictures after the picture is taken?

Your photo will begin printing instantly after the photos have been taken, printing time is about 10 seconds

What are the quality of the photos?

The photos are a high resolution and printed on high standard photographic paper

What are the sizes of the pictures that the Booth produces?

The size of the pictures printed by the Booths are 6x4 but can contain up to 8 small individual pictures

Can videos be created as well with the Booths?

Keep an eye out on our twitter news feed. The video option will be available shortly

Can I upload my photos through Social Networks such as Facebook?

Yes, visit our site after your event and download your images for free and use them on all the social networks.

Can my pictures be burnt to disc afterwards?

Yes, ask a member of our team when booking your Booth

General Questions:

What items come with the Prop Box?

The Prop box will contain, various different costume and dressing up accessories like hats, glasses, feather boas and wigs

Are you insured?

Yes, all of our Booths are insured and have Public Liability Insurance Cover.

Are the Booths on the Move staff members, fully trained, insured and vetted?

All of our team are fully trained and vetted. Also all of our team are fully insured to operate any Booths on the Move equipment.

How long do you have to make use of the Booth?

This depends on which package you purchase. The standard Booth is a 3 hour hire.

Is there any age restriction with the use of the Booths?

The fun part about the Booths is, anyone of any age will enjoy dressing up and pulling those funny faces!!