About us

At Booths on the Move, we supply high quality, unique and custom Booths. This enables our customers to capture their special occasion in a fun and enjoyable way. Pick from one of the UK's best custom Photobooth collection.

Have a theme for your occasion or event? We have a Booth to suit!! Choose from our range of colours for inside and out, mix and match or create your own. You can even add personal images and text, create your backdrop and customise your printouts.

Our team not only have experience but also a passion for Photography and Design, combining the two to bring you Booths On The Move!! We believe Booths On The Move is all about bringing you and your guests a fun and enjoyable way to remember your occasion or event. We have worked in many different venues all over the UK, from some of the biggest to some of the best, so we can help you to create a booth to suit your venue.

Booths On The Move are partners of County Imaging, The Event Photographers. Why not see our package deals and have both, your very own professional photographer and a custom Photobooth.

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See what we have to offer. We specialise in capturing your event in more ways than you can imagine!